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Governmental Website Design

Local, State, and Federal governmental organizations have unique responsibilities and objectives.  50 Marketing offers services that help organizations communicate, increase efficiency, and optimize technology integrations that attract and serve current and future constituencies.  

Marketing Consulting

Differentiation, Strategy,

Website Design

Website Design that converts viewers to buyers using the AIDA Conversion optimization model.


Search Engine
Optimization to
improve organic traffic.


Generating traffic with
CPC, retargeting, and

Marketing Intelligence

Surgical precision
to define and
penetrate markets.

Da Vinci

50 Marketing delivers a process for marketing that delivers results. The process involves consistent alignment of strategic marketing objectives and integration with overall operational efforts, while delivering the narrative of the product or service to the intended target audience in a way that drives conversions.

Design Process

50 Marketing utilizes a dynamic design and development process to quickly develop high-quality designs that meet user requirements and client expectations. Boiling all of these terms and ideas into a process that we describe as "building sites backwards."

50 Marketing Actionable Analytics Dashboard

Contains Google Analytics stats like number of page views, number of sessions, number of users, returning vs new user stats, unique page views, website visitor map, etc.

Displays SEO, SEM/Email Marketing, Social Networks, Local Optimization.

Displays competitive data comparing you to two of your competitors.

Featured Client

Mercer County Housing Authority (MCHA)

Mercer County Housing Authority engaged 50 Marketing to create a new website that focused on the new brand "MCHA Choices".  The marketing goals were to communicate with current and potential constituents in the Mercer County Housing Authority Service Area.

Additional Governmental Clients

Westmoreland Transit
Indiana County

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