Proposal automation for fast, error-free sales documents and a more productive sales team.

Grow Sales

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Your sales team is wasting too much time hunting down the right content. Reps are fumbling around with copy/paste, formatting, and hacking together documents. Proposals are off-brand and inconsistent, but Sales can’t afford to wait for Marketing to design one for every deal. And the approval process is either non-existent or creates deal-killing bottlenecks.

Sales Growth is a challenge for any organization.  Getting proposals out the door that close sales should not be one of the many hurdles to growing sales.  Proposal Automation is key to growing your business and ensuring consistent and quality representation of your company, products, and services during the sales process.

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Time Savings to Send out proposals:

Save up to 95% of the time it takes to generate a proposal once you have automated the process.

Eliminate manual entry:

Free your team from time-sucking manual work and reduce costly errors with custom fields and variables that auto-populate new proposals with accurate details like client and company names. Plus our Salesforce integration makes pulling complex fees into proposals foolproof.

Content library:

Save product descriptions, case studies, fees, images, and even entire proposals in one central place, so your whole team’s working with the same sales collateral. At-their-fingertips content means reps can easily find what they need when they need it, make fewer errors, and aren’t forced to reinvent the wheel with every new proposal.

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Proposal Analytics:

Discover how prospects are interacting with proposals with our metrics and notifications. We tell reps the second their prospects open, read, and esign their sales documents, plus how long they spent reading each section. Armed with this information, reps will know the best time to follow up and the objections they may face when they do.

50 Marketing is a Proposify Certified Partner.

We are here to propel you to success by leading you to a new era of streamlined sales.

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Proposals with esignatures are 3.4x more likely to close than those without. Deals also close 32% faster with esignatures.

Stop wrestling with multiple tools to create, send, track and e-sign sales documents. 50 Marketing and Proposify empowers your team to do it all.

Proposal Questions and Answers

Common questions and answers when developing proposals for your clients. 
Proposals are utilized by businesses great and small. The delivery of one to a potential customer is one of the most important steps in the sales cycle. We’ve examined the anatomy of the perfect proposal and offer a ton of tips and advice so your next proposal has what it takes to seal the deal.

Proposals with client input forms close 65% faster than those without.


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