Cambridge Technologies and 50 Marketing launched digital transformation and sales enablement initiatives.

Cambridge Technologies and 50 Marketing launched digital transformation and sales enablement initiatives.

Animal Health Vaccine Manufacturer compounds growth with aggressive sales and marketing program.

Cambridge Technologies, a manufacturer of autogenous vaccines for swine and bovine uses 50 Marketing's digital transformation plan to achieve sales growth.

Before retaining 50 Marketing, Cambridge Technologies relied on traditional sales and marketing programs. In 2019, 50 Marketing and Cambridge Technologies launched Omnichannel B2B marketing campaigns to increase vaccine sales.

Omnichannel B2B Campaigns

Targeting Large Herd Veterinarians and Herd Managers

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Historically, Cambridge relied on their road sales team to use cold emails, cold calling, and cold prospecting to generate sales leads. The goal of 50 Marketing's AIM REACH B2B Marketing Program was to use digital marketing to produce significant sales increases.

Cambridge Technologies Website Before
Cambridge Technologies Website "Before"
50 Marketing Redesign
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Digital Transformation Plan

The digital transformation plan started with a website redesign, content marketing, and outbound omnichannel campaigns to large herd vets and herd managers.

Digital Touchpoints
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1. Discovery and Planning

50 Marketing and Cambridge Technologies completed a Discovery and Planning exercise. The first steps in this process define the company's brand, the products and services offered, and the company's unique value proposition. The next steps focus on the customer's perspective, developing buyer personas, buyer's journey mapping, and solutions messaging.

Cambridge Technologies Discovery and Planning
Discovery and Planning
The outcome of the Discovery and Planning process was a customized road map for growth, including a strategic plan, a tactical plan, and a budget.
Cambridge Technologies Road Map
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2. Market Mapping

Market Mapping and Mining was completed to identify ideal clients for Cambridge Technologies. The process involved architecture, curation, and optimization of potential customer lists.

Market Mapping Process

3. Content Marketing

50 Marketing and Cambridge Technologies developed a content marketing plan for high-funnel attraction as well as low-funnel sales enablement.

4. Omnichannel Campaigns

Omnichannel campaigns were developed and distributed to the Market Mapping and Mining lists. These campaigns are personalized by buyer persona and target market to ensure solutions messages are delivered to the buyer. Further segmentation of the target markets was completed by buyer type, industry segment, species, and animal health issue.

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5. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation was incorporated to track leads. It included lead scoring, lead nurturing, and automated follow-up sequences.

50 Marketing - Marketing Automation

6. Analytics

50 Marketing launched a unique Dashboard to track each ad. Analytics are captured by platform and determine the cost effectiveness of each campaign.

Cambridge Technologies Analytics
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The Result

Cost per action 5X lower than the industry average for B2B campaigns

CTR for Omnichannel B2B campaigns 3X above the industry average

Experience You Can Trust

National and
International Clients

50 Marketing has clients in 33 states and 5 countries.

Award-Winning Agency

50 Marketing has received multiple international awards for website design and video.

Certified Agency

50 Marketing has received many certifications including SharpSpring, Hubspot, and Google Ads.

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