What would it look like to work with 50 Marketing?

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50 Marketing balances a commitment to our frameworks and roadmap with close attention to each client’s distinct circumstances. 

We have three approaches to our services.

Depending on your needs, resources, and desired involvement, the choice is yours.

Do it with you:

Team extension
  • We’ll take a more collaborative approach, providing guidance and expertise paired with active participation from the client. 

  • You’ll have a more hands-on role of performing tasks and projects, like the design process and content creation.

Do it for you:

Marketing management

  • The execution is entirely in our hands with your final approval. 

  • You’ll provide your goals, requirements, and expectations, and we’ll take it from there.

  • We might build an entirely new website, take control of the financial management, and handle the entire marketing campaign.

You do it:

Strategy and Plan
  • We help you develop a strategic plan and you and your team will implement and optimize it.

Consistent communication is valuable to us

  • 50 Marketing’s team will regularly plan strategic, tactical, and progress-tracking meetings.
  • Our goal is to ensure that both of us remain informed, stay on schedule, and are satisfied with the work being produced.
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Award-Winning Agency

50 Marketing is an award-winning agency and has received multiple international awards for website design and video production.

With clients in 33 states and 5 countries, 50 Marketing provides marketing, advertising, and digital services that are successful across geographies, industry types, and markets.

50 Marketing's programs deliver results with the right mix of strategy, planning, execution, delivery, analysis, and optimization.