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The Missing Half Podcast

Launching February 12th

Discovering what's missing in manufacturing and B2B marketing

Missing Half with Bill Woods

Discovering what's missing in manufacturing and B2B marketing

New episodes bi-weekly

Eliminate wasted time and effort in your marketing strategy

Rather than being distracted or overwhelmed by new marketing developments, tactics, and technologies, 50 Marketing focuses on studying the strategies that truly produce results, new and old–and we want to share our findings with you.

Marketing managers: You're charged with all things digital marketing--there's a lot on your plate. We're here to help you pick the most critical path of priorities among all of the options that are available as you pursue digital transformation.

Learn more about 50 Marketing's experience and playbook, keep up with marketing insights, and sit down with professionals ready to share their own stories.

Hosted by Bill Woods

CMO and Co-Founder of 50 Marketing since 2003

Bill is a visionary and strategist, centered on equipping his team (and his listeners) with the tools needed to execute designed strategy with excellence. 

Introducing Missing Half | Ep 0

Bill discusses what to expect from the Missing Half podcast. Topics we'll cover, guests to look forward to, and our mission for the show.
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