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Missing Half is hosted by Bill Woods, CMO and Co-Founder of Pittsburgh-based 50 Marketing. Bill is a visionary and strategist, having directed multiple businesses through growth and acquisition before co-founding 50 Marketing in 2003. His agency focuses on B2B and manufacturing marketing, with a comprehensive and personalized approach to client work. Bill’s work is centered on equipping his team with the tools needed to execute designed strategy with excellence.
50 Marketing is passionate about serving manufacturing and B2B service companies from $20-$150 million in annual sales that want to grow–companies that want to make the transition from traditional to digital marketing. We’re bringing that mission to our podcast.
Owners, founders, C-suite, marketing management: we’ll be here, week after week, sharing lessons from our own experience and research, as well as input from our clients and peers, to help you navigate your own digital marketing journey.
So if you’re charged with all things digital marketing--website design, video production, content marketing, marketing automation, SEO, SEM, lead generation, social media, and everything else in between--this podcast is designed to discuss the Missing Half, and help you pick the most critical path of priorities among all of the options that are available as you pursue digital transformation.
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