Why 50 Marketing?

Focused on manufacturing and B2B marketing — our team delivers results.

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Experience Since 2003

Started as an in-house agency for a company that grew from $15 million to over $100 million in annual revenue over a 12-year span, 50 Marketing launched in 2003. Taking on outside clients while maintaining the "original" client, 50 Marketing has launched many new products and services.

A Proven Playbook That Produces Results

Lead Gen- More Leads
5X Increase in Weekly Sales Leads
Sales Growth
$43 Million in Sales Growth
Sales Enablement
83% Sales Increase
Sales Growth
20% Compound Annual Sales Growth
Sales Growth
40% Sales Increase
Sales Growth
50% Revenue Loss Becomes a 20% Increase

Who we work with:

  • Start-ups

    Companies with $5 million-$10 million in revenue that are ready to 2x-3x their revenue.

    New product or services from existing companies that have to grow to assure the product or service can earn its keep.

  • Established Companies

    Manufacturers, distributors, and B2B companies that have $25-$75 million in revenue and want to increase profitable sales consistently.

  • Enterprise

    Companies with up to $1 billion in revenue that want to increase sales without increasing their sales force.

Experience You Can Trust

National and
International Clients

50 Marketing has clients in 33 states and 5 countries.

Award-Winning Agency

50 Marketing has received multiple international awards for website design and video.

Certified Agency

50 Marketing has received many certifications including SharpSpring, Hubspot, and Google Ads.

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Want to see what 50 Marketing can do for you?

50 Marketing works with you to find where time, effort, and money are currently being wasted in your marketing efforts. Then, 50 Marketing will help you plan, build, and execute new marketing strategies to maximize both your investment and your return.